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The draw for Weekly Prizes has begun! Check out who won here! Make sure to check out our Calendar to make sure you don’t miss a chance to win great weekly prizes!

Canadian North Grand Prize

All participants from the NWT, whose teams complete Walk to Tuk, will be entered into a draw for one of two grand prizes: a travel voucher (including return) for Western-based travel with Canadian North. The two grand prize winners will be drawn in March 2024. Good luck and happy walking!

Burgandy Diamond Mines NWT Participants Prizes

All participants from the NWT, whose teams complete Walk to Tuk, will receive a FREE Walk to Tuk toque. This Prize would be impossible without the generous contribution of Burgundy Diamond Mines.

When you register, vote for your favourite colour! The winning colour will be selected as the Walk to Tuk toque for all participants (toques might be different than the image)!

Weekly Prizes

Stay tuned for weekly prize draws for NWT teams who submit walking time/distance every two weeks—you could be a winner! Keep an eye on our E-Newsletter and website where the winning team will be announced!

There are three Weekly Prize categories: School, Community, and Corporation. All participants who submit walking times weekly will be eligible for prizes in the category they registered in.

School Team Weekly Prizes 

Fill your mind in school, but cover your noggen’ with these caps!

Participants can add some style to their wardrobe. Every week we will draw one School Team participant whose team has been adding their minutes (or kilometres) before the submission dates. These caps come in a variety of colours and are ornated with beautiful Dene Roses. These hats are designed by Sara Erasmus (Erasmus Apparel), from Yellowknife, NT.

Community Team Weekly Prizes

It takes more then one Ookpik to make a community…

Participants can add flair to their homes with an original “Ookpik” Owl. Every week we will draw one Community Team participant whose team has been adding their minutes (or kilometres) before the submission dates. These furry friends are all unique and made by Bernice Raddi, from Tuktoyaktuk, NT.

They are made with seal, rabbit, muskrat or beaver fur.

Corporate Team Weekly Prizes

Participants can add some pizzazz to their office with original art . Every week we will draw one Corporate Team participant whose team has been adding their minutes (or kilometres) before the submission dates. Each piece is one of a kind made with oil-based paint by Roberta Memogana, from Ulukhaktok, NT.

NWT/NU Lotteries Team Captain Prizes

Team captains are essential to Walk to Tuk for many reasons, not the least of which is the role they play in helping to motivate their team and logging the teams’ mileage. At the end of the challenge, all NWT team captains who have submitted their team’s walking time/distance on schedule will be entered into a draw for a chance to win one of two indigenous carvings (valued at up to $750). Captain Prizes would be impossible without one of our major funders, NWT/NU Lotteries.

Team Captain Prizes

Team Captains bear the weight of your team and this prize is to show them some appreciation!

This beautiful drumming bear is is made by John Taylor. John is originally from Tuktoyaktuk and is currently living in Inuvik.

Team Captain Prizes

Team captains help you get your bearings on registration and making a Walk to Tuk team. Walk to Tuk wouldn’t be the same without them, so we want to enter them into a draw to win a unique northern carving! 

The beautiful mama bear with its cub on its back is made by Derrald Taylor. Derrald is from Tuktoyaktuk but currently living in Sǫ̀mbak’è / Yellowknife.

Photo Submission Prizes

Check out our Photo Submission Policy before you submit our photos!

We love hearing and seeing what Walk to Tuk means to you and your team. Send us a photo, video, or story about your Walk to Tuk and you could win some cool prizes!

Stories can be as short as a paragraph. Tell us about the impact that the NWTRPA Walking Challenge has had on a team member, a captain who has been a great role model, or a team that has done things a little differently than the rest.

Enjoy capturing the moment with an image? Participate in one of the many photo contests that take place during Walk to Tuk.

Photo contests will be for the following categories:

  • Frosty Faces (#FrostyFaces)
  • Beautiful Places (#BeautifulPlaces)
  • Generations on the Move (#GenerationsontheMove)
  • Dog Walk to Tuk (#DogWalktoTuk)

Submit your photos, videos, and stories by email to or on social media by tagging @nwtrpa! Winners will be decided in February for the month of January and in March for the month of February.
More details will be announced on the Walk to Tuk news page, so stay tuned!