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The NWTRPA would like to thank all of the sponsors who make Walk to Tuk possible.

Interested in being a sponsor for this year or the next? Click here for more information!


NWT & Nunavut Lotteries (MACA) is one of Walk to Tuk’s main funders. Year after year, they have supported the NWT Recreation and Parks Association and it’s programming, including the famous Walk to Tuk.

Canadian North is the grand prize sponsor for the Walk to Tuk Event. They contribute flight vouchers to two lucky participants who have completed the walk to Tuktoyaktuk. The NWT Recreation and Parks Association is very grateful for their sponsorship.

Burgundy Diamond Mines is the proud sponsor of the Walk to Tuk Touques! Every team who successfully walks to Tuktoyuktuk will receive a FREE Toque for every Team Member! The NWTRPA is bringing back this tradition and we can thank Burgandy Diamond Mines for it!

Hotıì ts’eeda is a research support unit hosted by the Tłı̨chǫ Government, and governed primarily by Northwest Territories (NWT) Indigenous Governments. Hotıì ts’eeda connects NWT organizations, and communities with researchers and funding to achieve health research and training goals. Hotıì ts’eeda will provide important financial ressources for the implementations of the Walk to Tuk program review entitled: Walking the Steps of our Ancestors: NWTRPA Walking Challenge.  


The size and geography of the territory is hard to wrap your head around. NTPC serves a population of 43,000 people spread across 33 communities and 1.1 million square kilometres. A handful of communities have year-round road access while most others depend on a combination of ice-roads and air travel. Because of this, many of our communities are still dependent on diesel generators as a primary power source. Meanwhile, the majority of homes have internet access and many residents are as reliant on their mobile devices as any southern Canadian.

De Beers Group is the world’s leading diamond company, with expertise in diamond exploration, mining, grading, marketing and retail. Together with our joint venture partners, we employ more than 20,000 people across the global diamond pipeline, with many of these people in our source countries of Botswana, Canada, Namibia and South Africa.


In 1993, a regional non-profit organization was established with its mandate and mission coming directly from twenty of the thirty-three Northwest Territories communities.  In January 2001, the MRA became a registered society and continues to support and promote recreation within the MRA region communities.  

Cabin Radio is owned and operated by five Yellowknife residents: Andrew Goodwin, Scott Letkeman, Sarah Pruys, Jesse Wheeler, and Ollie Williams. Cabin Radio became a thing in 2017 because we thought there was room for an independent, commercial FM radio station in Yellowknife. We’re working on that. We submitted our FM licence application to the federal regulator in August 2019 and we’re hoping they start the licensing process soon.

At Lawson Lundell, we are an elite law firm driven by our desire to offer clients a practical and strategic approach to solving their legal and business problems. With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Yellowknife and Kelowna, our roots are in Western and Northern Canada, and we remain committed to serving these areas. However, our diverse and global client base also provides the opportunity to focus on activities in other parts of the world and to stay current on changes and developments worldwide. As a leading business law firm in Western and Northern Canada, we are perfectly suited and prepared to provide the advice and commitment required to help our clients succeed. We are here to make a difference as we have for over 130 years.

My True North Now & True North FM is the home of Classic Hits along with news and information from across NWT. We work hard to earn your ears … and your trust everyday. At True North FM, we know support is needed NOW as the effects of the wildfires will be felt for months. Effective immediately (December 2023), get your message out to our community at no charge and no commitment. This Recovery Package is offered to EACH AND EVERY NWT Business and Organization on 100.1 True North FM and My True North Now.



We love sports and adventure of almost any kind! We want our customers to share in our passion by encouraging people to engage in a healthy lifestyle and be confident doing so by getting knowledgeable advice and using uncompromising clothing and equipment.

At the RC we believe that good people working towards a common goal can accomlish anything they set out to do. In this spirit, our goal is to be the very best at serving our members’ needs. We make every action, every decision, with this goal in mind

Sport North was incorporated in October 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of amateur sport in the Northwest Territories.Sport North Federation supports inclusive and accessible opportunities in sport delivered in a safe, ethical, developmentally and culturally appropriate manner, by qualified leaders and sustained by organizational excellence

Established in 1999, ASCNWT was created through a national consensus-building process in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples across the Northwest Territories.