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A Winter Walk

 Luisa (she/her) is a Yellowknife-based artist, who has worked with a wide range of mediums and has been using gouache as her primary medium for the past few years. 

Having a strong interest in art from a young age, Luisa is inspired the most by the environment and enjoys exploring themes that involve landscapes and the scenery that allow her to capture the beauty of nature. 

Luisa’s work can be found on her Instagram: @_lestudios 

Completed Work

 Luisa Esteban 
A Winter Walk, 2024 
Gouache on coldpress paper 
6” x 8” 


To start, a rough sketch is made to generate ideas and understand the layout of the painting.  The setup includes:

  • A sketchbook 
  • Gouache paint 
  • A palette 
  • Brushes 
  • Paper towel 
  • Coldpress paper that is taped onto the desk 
  • Base colours are placed and an outline of the landscape and horizon to understand the perspective of the painting 
  • The painting focuses on the winter season and uses cooler colours to emphasize the coldness of the weather 
  • Details are added in the landscape to include depth in the painting 
  • Figures are added as a “Walk to Tuk” team 
  • Added trees in the foreground and a small moon as final details in the painting