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We have created a variety of resources to help with your participation in Walk to Tuk.

Click here for the Walk to Tuk Website and Web Application Private Policy

Seeking NWT Writers and Artists:

Are you a NWT Hamlet, NWT Non-Profit Organization, NWT Classroom, NWT Writer or NWT Artist? The NWT Recreation and Parks Association (NWTRPA) is seeking different partnerships with NWT based organizations, NWT Communities, freelance writers or artists to write articles or create art-based projects for the upcoming 2024 Walk to Tuk communication campaign: aligned with the recommendations of the Walk to Tuk program review report, Walking the Steps of our Ancestors: NWTRPA Walking Challenge. Follow this link to learn more:  Walk to Tuk Communication Campaign

NWT Languages (Audio)

We acknowledge these are not all the beautiful NWT official languages, but we are working hard on getting them all!

Walk to Tuk Promotion in Dëne Sųłıné (Chipewyan)
Walk to Tuk Promotion in Dinjii Zhuʼ Ginjik (Gwich’in)
Walk to Tuk Promotion in Dene Zhatıé (South Slavey)
Walk to Tuk Promotion in Tłı̨chǫ (Tłı̨chǫ Yatıì)
Walk to Tuk Promotion in Dene Kǝdǝ́ (North Slavey)
Walk to Tuk Promotion in English


  • Teams of up to 20 people (or 35 for school teams) are challenged to walk conceptually from Fort Providence to Tuktoyaktuk along the Big River for a total distance of 1,658km
  • Teams have from January 1 to February 29, 2024 to walk as far as they can along the river
  • One hour of walking equals 5km for teams of 10 or less people
  • One hour of walking equals 4km for teams of 11 – 20 people
  • The team captain and team members will submit their time or kilometres through the Walk to Tuk Web Application every second Monday (check out our calendar).
  • Any exercise that is continuous vigorous-intensity, such as jogging or cross country skiing, in bouts of at least 15 minutes can be accepted as activity towards the challenge

Roles of Team Captains

  • Register their team using the Walk to Tuk Web Application.
  • Receive their team’s start up communication tools.
  • Coordinate and encourage team members to track their activity (either in minutes or kilometres) and, in the case of self-registered participants, to submit their activity using the Walk to Tuk web application. In the case of captain-registered participants, collect their activity and submit it online on the team member’s behalf. It is up to the team captain to ensure that all activity for their team is submitted every second Monday. Teams who submit their total activity every second Monday will be entered into a weekly draw for the chance to win a prize.
  • Submit team information, pictures, videos, and stories for their team profile page and encourage self-registered participants to do this as well.
  • Motivate and encourage their team to complete the challenge!

Navigating the Web Application

If you need help with Walk to Tuk Web Application, visit the Walk to Tuk Web Application USER GUIDE

For Teachers

Click here to find out why Walk to Tuk is great for the classroom!

For Team Members

If you’re a participant and would prefer not to use the new web app, you can use our fillable calendar to keep track! Just enter your time/activity on each day, save it, and send it off to your captain! It includes reminders about when activity needs to be entered, and when prizes will be drawn.