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Brian Jasper was born and raised in Yellowknife on Chief Drygeese Territory, a place he continues to call home. A self-taught artist, Brian sculpts using local deadfall. He currently paints on dark canvas with colourful acrylic paint. Much of his canvas-based work is centred on themes of self, gender, societal structures/stigmas & landscape/skylines as living aspects of spirit & self-reflection. When you look at the Land, the Land looks back. 

By Brian Jasper

What inspired you?

This piece is meant to invoke memories of looking into the deep lake ice on the Dettah access road & seeing the Cosmos, snowshoe & animal tracks, cutting scars into the lake on skates, skis, snowmobiles or 4×4, flying over ice pans slowly forming & joining one another in an immeasurable number of lakes as far as the eye can see on a loud airplane from Inuvik to Yellowknife until…it’s just a big lake on the horizon: this vast lazy blue or blinding white, flurries & whisps of snow & rain.

What tools did you use?

Black canvas, posca acrylics & cat hair.