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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have about the NWTRPA Walking Challenge.

I need help with the new website and web app. Where do I go for information?

If you need a hand navigating our new NWTRPA Walking Challenge website or web app, click here!

What formula is used to translate walking time into distance?

  • One hour of walking equals 5km for teams of 1 – 10 members.
  • One hour of walking equals 4km for teams of 11 – 20 members.

What kind of activity counts towards the NWTRPA Walking Challenge?

Here are a few guidelines that we hope will help you determine what activity counts and what does not. The activity must be:

  • In bouts of at least 15 continuous minutes — This means that five minutes of walking here and there throughout the day does not count.
  • Moderate to vigorous-intensity, aerobic physical activity — This means the activity may cause you to sweat and be “out of breath”. Your heart rate should increase when exercising.

What are examples of activities that CAN and CANNOT count towards my the NWTRPA Walking Challenge*?

Here are examples of activities that CAN count towards the NWTRPA Walking Challenge:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snow Shoeing
  • Biking
  • Lane Swimming

Examples of activities that CANNOT be counted towards the NWTRPA Walking Challenge:

  • Yoga
  • Hockey
  • Cleaning
  • Snowmobiling
  • Weight Lifting
  • Time Spent on Your Feet at Work

Are there prizes?

Yes! Visit the Prizes page under the About tab to see all the great prizes that can be won.

When will the website be updated with new team distances?

Maps and team progress will be updated immediately as times are entered (or edited) in the NWTRPA Walking Challenge web app. Time/distance will be considered for prizes every two weeks on the following dates at 11:59pm (Mountain Time):

  • January 18, 2022 (For activity between Jan 1-15)
  • February 1, 2022 (For activity between Jan 16-29)
  • February 15, 2022 (For activity between Jan 29-Feb 15)
  • March 2, 2022 (For activity between Feb 16-28)

Are there any tools to keep track of my walking?

Yes! The Resources page has plenty of useful tools to help.

For participants, the Personal Tracking Log is a spreadsheet that can be used to track daily activity and automatically adds up your weekly walking totals. It can be sent to your team captain if they registered you for the NWTRPA Walking Challenge and are submitting your times for you, but it can also be used to help keep you organized with what to enter when using the web app if you registered yourself for the NWTRPA Walking Challenge.

Can one person be on multiple teams?

For participants, unfortunately, no. Each person can only participate on one team.

Team captains can captain more than one team, but their time/distance only counts towards one team.

What is the difference between team types?

  • community team is made up of family, friends, neighbours, or any members of the community.
  • corporate team is a workplace team made up of coworkers.
  • school team is made up of faculty and/or students of a class. Class teams are the only team type permitted to have more than 20 participants to allow for the entire class to participate.

What do I do if more than 20 people want to participate on my team?

Only 20 people can participate per team, except if the team is a school team.


  • Split your team into two teams.
  • Check the website to see if there are other teams from your community that people could join.

Can kilometres be submitted?

Yes! This is a new feature that comes with our new web app.

What if I track steps on my wearable fitness tracker?

Kilometres for activity done in bouts of 15 minutes or more can be entered online the same way that time is submitted, but steps cannot be entered. Step trackers often count steps during the entire day, but only activities that are done for 15 minutes or more without stopping count for the NWTRPA Walking Challenge.

Can a team participate from outside of the NWT?

A team can register from anywhere in the world! However, only teams and team members in the NWT will be eligible for prizes.

Can a family member or friend who lives outside of the NWT be a member of an NWT team?

Yes. Family or friends who don’t live in the NWT can join a team based in the NWT. However, people who live outside of the NWT are not eligible to win the Canadian North flight pass.