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What makes this event possible? How are we able to keep this event going on with such amazing prizes?  How are our staff able to dedicate so many hours and days to helping you navigate the website, log your hours, and get the message out? 

The success of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge is due in large part to the generous contributions of some very special northern businesses. We would like to take a few minutes to express our gratitude to these sponsors: 

NWT & Nunavut Lotteries has been an annual source of support for the NWT Recreation and Parks Association and NWTRPA Walking Challenge. The Walking Challenge would not have become so successful without their help! 

Another long-standing sponsor deserving of thanks is Canadian North. The airline has been involved since the very first NWTRPA Walking Challenge. All the NWT residents who successfully make it to Tuk in 2023 were entered to win one of two Canadian North flight passes, an excellent reward for the dedication needed to stay active during the dark winter months of the Walking Challenge.  

The NWTRPA Walking Challenge is a team effort and that’s why underlining the importance of these teams is so crucial! We would like to thank another recurring sponsor: Arctic Canadian Diamond Company. With their help, we will send three teams from the NWT to eat lunch or dinner together!  

So many sponsors have been supportive of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge, and we would like to thank them directly. 

Thank you to Northwest Territories Power Corporation who stuck to its modo “Empowering Communities”.

Thank you to Cabin Radio, Stantec, Lawson Lundell, Mackenzie Recreation Association  & Dillon Consulting who have supported our every step. 

And finally thank you to Overlander, Yellowknife Racquet Club to Aboriginal Sports Circle & the NWT On The Land Collaborative for the wicked weekly prizes. 

On behalf of the NWTRPA and Walking Challenge participants, THANK YOU, SPONSORS! Your contributions are essential to the success of the NWTRPA Walking Challenge. If you’re a Walking Challenge participant, supporting these northern businesses is a great way to encourage future giving. 

If you are interested in supporting the NWTRPA Walking Challenge in 2023/2024, contact us at