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Walk Together

Amber O’Reilly is a French-Canadian multilingual poet, spoken word artist, playwright and screenwriter born, raised and based in Yellowknife. Here is her original poem and video inspired by Walk to Tuk titled: Walk Together.  

Walk Together

By Amber O’Reilly


that crispy

crunch on snow

so sweet?

let the trees hold you

and the sky dwarf you

inhale, exhale thoughts with breath

let winter distill them

into a moving collage of clouds

every walk, notice

amid what is already there

something different, new

count the ravens, their onyx wingtips

iridescent laughter getting caught

in the phone wires

chortle chortle crunch crunch


the original locomotion

feel muscles move under all those layers

even kilometers are a step-by-step process

swish swish crunch crunch

how far will you go today?

witness sunlight wax & wane

let simplicity permeate

the rhythm of days

rise walk sleep rise walk sleep

what is the measure of your challenge?

how many trees you will name along the way?


where the town dissapears

and the world continues

notice what burnt

and what still stands

resilience is an icy scarf

a fur-lined hood

salt water frozen to eyelashes

bursts of fog

when you emerge

from the woods,

cars going by

and on the radio a song:

Call your friends

go outside

walk together

it’s going to be alright